Things got interesting..

Apparently in order to receive a certificate, I need to finish the entire course before the end of the year. Yep, that’s just a little over 2 months.

I’ve gone through some of the videos and assessments and nothing stands out as particularly difficult, so I decided to actually go with it – worst case scenario, I’ll haveĀ a head start for next year’s CS50X šŸ™‚


Let’s do this

Hello everyone!

The main reason for starting this blog was to share some tips and solutions for things I’m currently working on (usually Appium related notes, tips and tricks etc.), hoping that someone out there might need a similar solution.

While I do hope to post some of my findings soon, I’m expanding this blog’s focus to cover my personal development as well.

In order to expand my CS knowledge (and possibly gain some certificates/diplomas) I have decided to join the Open Source SocietyĀ andĀ make my way through the courses listed in there.

First on the platter is the HarvardX: CS50x3 Introduction to Computer Science

I’ve gone through the introductory videos and I have to say – David J. Malan knows how to create an engaging and fun environment!

Hopefully I can stay on track and keep posting updates on my progress!